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> Yeah but so far all of the non Gundam MG have been all OYW era
> Zeon mecha. There weren't any 0083 era Mecha, not even a Dom
> Tropen. I hate to say it but I am afraid the possibility of a Sazabi MG
> looks slim. I mean you really can't repackage it. All of the non Gundam
> robots have had at least 2 repaint/modified releases. But what else could
> they do with the Sazabi? And for the Size, it would be like 5000 yen
> probably, maybe 4000 if we are lucky.

Actually, if the did a Kampfer, they could get both Dogas, and all of their
color variants, and the Sazabi by using its structure to hang extentsions and
oversized armor.

> Just seems too hopeless if you ask me. But to be honest I really can't
> predict what they will do next. I really can't, though a MG Gouf would be
> nice, or any of the Amphibious mecha.

An MG Gouf would be awesome, but their are too many coloer variants.


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