Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 11:35:07 -0500

> Yes, I think that's a boy thing(I figure it applies to some girls, too). I
>remember being like that, and am still kind of that way, that's why I also
>build Gundam model kits and buy the toys. :)

 I buy anime-related stuff (including toys/figures/models)
for the sake of collecting and fandom.

>> likes anything that has robots and fighting). My 13 yr. old will probably
>> like the story. Being a young kid exposed only to more recent animation,
>> found First Gundam's story to be really good but didn't like the dated
>> animation (in his words, "these people look weird").

 I wonder what he'll say about Xabungle then? ^_^;

>> As for role models, I really don't expect normal 13 yr. olds to consider
>> anime characters to be "role models". Kids who do have more serious
>> problems...
>Very well said. Another person with some sense.

 Uh... so how about a 20 yr. old guy who considers anime characters as "role models"? No particular reason at all, just plain curious... ^_^;


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