Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 11:22:20 -0500

>Yeah... yeah... you and every other boy that watched Voltes V probably had
>saliva dripping (TL) when she came on. Probably was your first crush
>onscreen... Mine was Sayaka of Mazinger :)

 My first crush onscreen? I don't think so... back then,
Voltes V was sure popular, but I don't know what time it
was shown. As a result, I was able to watch a couple of
other old anime before a Voltes V episode. I did like Cyborg 003 (Francois) of Cyborg 009, but as early as then,
I guess I was a hopeless romantic already. I was actually
more fond of pairing her up with 009 (Joe) than myself.

>if you ask me, Kenichi should have paid more
>attention to Megumi

>How many people would want to have that happen? :)

 A lot probably. But then, ain't Ippei & Megumi the official couple? If Kenichi and Megumi happened to meet
Hyoma & Chizuru during a stroll at a park, things might
probably be a little different =)

>I think the entire Kohai hero thing helped dust that possible
>relationship... I just think that the macho image being given to kids had to
>have no distractions - including women. I just feel that they put Megumi (or
>Jamie as we Flips know her) was put to at least give the semblance of being
>equal opportunity employers.

 How about in Combattler V then?

>As for Combattler - I feel that the Chodenji Tatsumaki will kick Voltes's
>Laser Sword anyday.

 Yup, me too. I guess that's the very reason why CV is in
almost all SRW games, whereas VV appeared only in one.

>BTW, why is this thread appearing in a Gundam ML? :)

 Uh... 'cause the Gundam ML is the closest thing to a SRW ML? ^^;


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