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> Yep, I agree. I like subtitles over dubbed, mainly because the Japanese
> voices seem to fit better then American ones do. I haven't seen the
> Japanese Samurai Troopers, but the voices in Ronin Warriors seem to fit
> really well, Anibus' voice seems perfect.
> Aaron

Well, I'm getting old and I'm loosing interest in missing action because I'm
doing some light reading while thing are getting blown up or critical plot
twists are occurring. And I'm not too fond of subtitling breaking up the
picture by overlaying a portion of the screen. So, I'll buy the dubbed copies
and enjoy them. I can't see that what I'm missing from the dialog in a dubbed
show isn't still being missed in a subbed show.


PS-I still enjoy watching subbed films, but straight Japanese or straight
English are my preferred forms of dialog in the anime I watch.

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