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>>Really seemed to me the five gundams are SO superior to the OZ mobile suits
> Yeah... at the beginning of the story that is.

Well, it's the quandary of having the most advanced, non-mass production
technology around, specially for their armor.

>>(you're talking about one gundam single handedly destroying what seems to be
>>dozens of enemies.)
> What do you mean "dozens"? I saw about a hundred ^_^;

yeah, makes you wonder about ammo and energy supply requirements.

>that the terrorist activities seemed highly unnecessary.
>>Does the ends justify the means? I have to say no. (Least of all it makes
>>for a lousy Gundam series.)
> Well, for a lousy Gundam series, it sure was the most popular.

That was exactly the point between Relena and Heero. The end DIDN'T
justify the means. That's why the Zero System knocked Quattre for a loop.
That's why in EW, Heero found a weird solution to the problem at the end.

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