garrick lee (
Mon, 22 Nov 1999 07:13:15 -0800 (PST)

> Yes well, Voltes V was definitely a kind of
> forerunner for that family thing,
> but remember, Grandizer, Mazinger and Gatchaman all
> had family oriented themes.
> Mekanda too.

well, filipinos are notoriously family oriented. just
like all asians. :]

but for some odd reason, i still liked daimos better.
it's music, at least, wasn't turned into

> times. also...think of where she is -- at the feet!
> imagine the stress of
> being in the feet with all that running and jumping
> and kicking that happens?
> it's like, she needs a five point harness and very
> strong uhm, sports underwear
> to protect against all that!

uhhhh...funny you should mention that. my cousin
watched voltes v, and she wasn't too happy with the
woman being the feet. something about women being
trod upon by the men. (of course, i DID have it
coming. i started the whole thing, what with my
bragging about how it took a man to pilot the

anyway, we were just joking around. no offense to
lurking feminazis.

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