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>Salamangka wrote:
>> Aside from that, I'd like to see the external armor for it, as well as more

>> detail on the left forearms backup saber, and the back of the shield...I
>> expect the legs to have internal detail as well...and the shoulders and the

>> body...
>If I had the money to pay for it, I'd go a bit overboard by asking
>Bandai to mold the internal leg details in SOLID metal (or as solid as
>they can be without interfering with an intended function, like
>pistons), so as to offset the weight penalty of the 6 fin funnels...oh
>well ^_^

Exactly what they did with the original 1/100 scale had metallic parts
for both the lower legs (internal with detail, surprisingly), and for the hip
and if I remember right (in the office now, can't look at my Nu) the shoulder

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