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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

> >so you consider the mass production Zeta Gundam MSZ-007 (which has the
> >"Gundam" in its name) to be a Gundam but not the Zeta +,
> Exactly.

that makes absolutely no sense to me.

> You can console yourself with the fact that the mass-produced Z Gundam
>was never actually produced; according to the descriptions for Fujita's
>Z-MSV series, the Type 100 Kai was chosen instead. If the MSZ-007 had
>actually made it into production, they might have given it a different
>name... like, say, Z Plus or Re-GZ. :-)

doesn't matter how it turned out. You still considered it a Gundam, but you
don't consider the Zeta + a Gundam. I can't say I agree with that.

> You're right about the A type, but I dunno where you got the idea the D
>was unique. According to the big Sentinel book, Anaheim produced a bunch
>for the Federal Forces, and when Char's Neo Zeon surfaced they modified
>the design for space use and made a bunch more.

I don't recall ever reading about there being more than one MSZ-006D. The
Model Graphix issue I read, "Around the Zeta Plus World", indicate there is
only one D model.

> Now that's a silly argument. There were only four units of the
>MS-06R-2, and three of the MS-06Z. Since these were the last models in
>the MS-06 series, can we conclude that the Zaku II wasn't a mass-produced

The Z is psychomu test prototypes, it is not indicative of what the Zaku II
should be, but is rather, an experiment with the clear purpose to produce
OTHER MS or MA. They could have just as easily conducted the experiment with
the frame of a ball. The Z model resembles the F model about as much as it
resembles a Gelgoog. The fact that they carry MS-06 prefix is superficial.
The MS-06R-2 is nothing more than a MS-06R1, which is a mass production MS,
painted in red then given to Johnny Raiden. The MSZ-006D , despite having
better performance, firepowerer and generator output, is still essentially a
Zeta Gundam, just a better Zeta Gundam. It also wasn't some phantom
character's personal toy.

In any case the factor of mass production is irrelevent, since you readily
admit that even mass produced version of Gundam, as long as it has the word
"Gundam" in its name somewhere, is reason enough to consider it a Gundam.
That's your bottom line. My bottom line is I personally do not agree with
that over-simplified classificiation because it has too much flaws and
exceptions. To group the Zeta Plus with the GMs and Barzams while hailing
the likes of RX-79G and MSZ-007 as Gundams is nothing short of absurd to me.
I think a much better classification method would be to look at the model
number. At the most basic, any MS which has the same basic model series as a
prototype Gundam, should be considered a Gundam. Just look at all the RX-78.
Every MS which carries the RX-78 model number, no matter what the suffix, is
considered a Gundam. By the same token every MS which carries the MSZ-006
model number should be considered a Gundam. One may even go as far as
consider every MS with the MSZ prefix to be Gundams. I am not sure if I
agree with going that far, but at the absolute very basic, every MS which
shares the same model number as a legitimate Gundam should definitely be
considered a Gundam, as long as you consider mass production to be not a
factor in classification.

BTW Mark.. as for your objection of the FAZZ being a Gundam because there
isn't the word "Gundam" in it. I quote Entertainment Bible...
"FAZZ is the abbreviation for Full Armor ZZ GUNDAM". My Japanese may be very
poor, but I don't think I made a mistake in the translation, especially
since the word for "abbreviation" is the same as that in Chinese, which I
read fairly fluently and the words "GUNDAM" clear as ice in Katakana, which
I can also read. As I said, its implied, just like it is implied in Zeta

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