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>One of the most notable things about Wing is that the lines are extremely
>stylized, poetic, and cryptic. Several Japanese books mentioned that half

>the fun of GW are the memorable (and often strange) lines that the
>characters speak. Most of these lines are extremely difficult to translate

>into English because even in Japanese, the meaning is fairly unclear. (But

>hey, it often sounds poetic and beautiful, so what the heck! - I think
>that's half the reason why Japanese women liked this series so much)

I think this sort of thing comes from the Japanese penchant to stylize the lines
of characters in their plays.

>For example, Quatre's "Uchu no kokoro" line. I usually see this translated

>as "heart of the universe" when the true meaning is "heart of space", and

>the Japanese have 2 words for heart, one for the mind and another for the

>physical organ. Kokoro only refers to the mind. That sets a whole new
>meaning to this phrase. (Not that this makes any more sense to what Quatre

>is referring to...)

Well, it was probably an attempt to inject some mysticism into the GW Universe...I
understand what Quattre is talking about, but I also have a hard time explaining
it. It's like being aware of how all things are interconnected, and then being
able to feel the interconnections. But it's not just that, it is a deep instinct...hell,
I don't know how to say it.

>I've often watched GW wondering how all these lines could possibly be
>translated into English without going through a long explanation, because I

>certainly can't do it.
>First Gundam had many memorable lines of this type...many became very well

>known even to non-anime fans in the late 70's. Unfortunately, they were lost

>in the English subtitles because although the meaning was fairly accurate,

>the natural poetic rhythm of the Japanese language and the delivery of the

>speech by the voice actors were gone.
>mirai y

Yes, which is very bad. For some reason, the Filipino Subtitles actually got
the inflection and some of the lines better translated thatn english -- the
problem being that they had to use formal Filipino rather than the normal street
language that theyb used for other dialogue. it was a difficult and sometimes
awkward choice to have two modes of language in the same script. Treize sounded
like a person from the old revolutionary times, while Duo had a problem shifting
from street to formal stuff.
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