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Eiji Hayashi argues,

>so you consider the mass production Zeta Gundam MSZ-007 (which has the word
>"Gundam" in its name) to be a Gundam but not the Zeta +,


>that makes no sense to me.

  You can console yourself with the fact that the mass-produced Z Gundam
was never actually produced; according to the descriptions for Fujita's
Z-MSV series, the Type 100 Kai was chosen instead. If the MSZ-007 had
actually made it into production, they might have given it a different
name... like, say, Z Plus or Re-GZ. :-)

>as I said.. there is only 1 unit of A3 or the last D model. They are
>certainly prototypes.

  You're right about the A type, but I dunno where you got the idea the D
was unique. According to the big Sentinel book, Anaheim produced a bunch
for the Federal Forces, and when Char's Neo Zeon surfaced they modified
the design for space use and made a bunch more.

>I still think the name is implied.. as in Zeta Gundam Plus. We all call the
>ZZ, the Double Zeta, and not Double Zeta Gundam. The word "Gundam" is
>implied there as well as in the case of the Zeta +.

  So what? "Double Zeta" is a nickname, like "White Thing" for the
original Gundam. "Z Plus" is the full name of the mobile suit.

>nah.. Zeta Gundam Plus would sound really stupid. Besides, all Gundams have
>only two words in their name

  What, like the Psyco Gundam Mark II or the Victory Gundam Hexa? Not to
mention accessories like the Gundam Full Armor Type and Victory 2 Buster

>Like I said earlier, perhaps Anaheim originally intended the Zeta Plus to be
>a mass produced Zeta Gundam line (hence the relative large number of A1s,
>the first model), but it obviously didn't turn out that way. Later models
>never exceeded 6 in number, and there is only one unit of the final Zeta
>Plus model, the Zeta Plus D.

  Nope. It's unclear how many C types were made - at least two or three,
and perhaps lots more. And the D type was mass produced for the Federal
Forces, in two batches no less.

>One must ask oneself, if the ultimate purpose
>is to create a mass produced MS, why is the last model, presumably the final
>end product, a prototype?

  Now that's a silly argument. There were only four units of the
MS-06R-2, and three of the MS-06Z. Since these were the last models in
the MS-06 series, can we conclude that the Zaku II wasn't a mass-produced

So, in summary, the Z Plus accomplished its design goal of being a
mass-produced version of the Z Gundam. We have about 20 atmospheric A
types, presumably several space C types, and a significant number of
improved D types. On the other hand we have the MSZ-007 and the Re-GZ,
both of which were intended as mass-produced versions of the Z Gundam
but, despite sacrificing many more features than the Z Plus, didn't make
it past the design or prototype stage.

-- Mark

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