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>I have seen every single animated Gundam Series to date excluding ZZ so I
>would like to think I know what GW is about. It seems that there are too many

>Emotions in GW, The story seems so forced upon and unnatural. Big whoop, Wufei

>goes bad but keep in mind he still keeps to his honor. Heero although he kills

>the little girl and doggy he still keeps to his constipation attitude, Trowa

>still has no feelings and Quatre and Duo have no developement in EW

hmmmm...I don't know about teh forced and unnatural part. real life tends to
have a lot of emotions too. I think it comes from a cultural perspective as
well. I have friends here who were what you would call army brats, and sometimes
their fathers would tell them of times when they were forced to shoot enemies
who were their kid's ages. if that made them feel really bad to the point of
hugging their children and crying, imagine what it can do to people like Heero
-- he has no one to go to, so what does he do? he just makes sure that he gets
the missions done right and with more preparation. yes, he retains the constipated
attitude, but hell, he has no choice. same with wufei. he fights for honor,
period. but remember in the conversation with Heero (while they are fighting);
he is suddenly stopped in his tracks mentally by what heero says to him. There
are defining moments in their developments as characters, but just like real
people, they will not change overnight.

>Compared to every gundam series GW has the least character developement. Its

>seems to me of more of a soap opera trying to stir up your emotions, For
>example Trieze starts saying all the dead soldiers names, I think I got
>something in my eyes, *sniff *sob. Unlike other Gundam series GW has HUGE gaps

>in logic, even G Gundam seems to have more legitamcy to it than GW, excluding

>the colonies that is.
>Though I did enjoy some parts of GW, Its not very high on my list of
>- Roger

Yes, I see your point. The problem in GW, in my mind, was that they had potentially
complex characters, but was not given enough "stretch" to go through all of
it. if they had found a way to even add ten mopre episodes to it, then it would
have been nicely filled in.
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