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>> Come to think of it, she's a lot prettier than Megumi of
>> Voltes V. But, I do find Megumi pretty stunning with her
>> helmet on. I guess I just don't like her hair that much.

Yes, but in gundam terms, I would say that I find Sayla mass and Cima to be
very impressive, while in AC it is Relena herself...for Voltes V, I prefer the
enemy spymaster....the one with horns...

>Yeah... yeah... you and every other boy that watched Voltes V probably had

>saliva dripping (TL) when she came on. Probably was your first crush
>onscreen... Mine was Sayaka of Mazinger :)

(hentai mode on) Sayaka wasn't bad per se, just that she didn't have the endowments
of her Robotic counterpart...on the other hand, to get that, one would need
a lot of cybernetic parts (hentai mode now off).

>> LOL, oh that? Kinda interesting concept, but it's one of
>> the factors that I don't like about Voltes V. It's mainly
>> focused on family ties... if you ask me, Kenichi should have paid more
>attention to Megumi
>How many people would want to have that happen? :)

Yes well, Voltes V was definitely a kind of forerunner for that family thing,
but remember, Grandizer, Mazinger and Gatchaman all had family oriented themes.
 Mekanda too.

>I think the entire Kohai hero thing helped dust that possible
>relationship... I just think that the macho image being given to kids had to

>have no distractions - including women. I just feel that they put Megumi (or

>Jamie as we Flips know her) was put to at least give the semblance of being

>equal opportunity employers.

equal oportunity or for marketing? although Megumi was touted as a martial
arts artist and stealth specialist and all that, she was pretty helpless at
times. also...think of where she is -- at the feet! imagine the stress of
being in the feet with all that running and jumping and kicking that happens?
 it's like, she needs a five point harness and very strong uhm, sports underwear
to protect against all that!

>As for Combattler - I feel that the Chodenji Tatsumaki will kick Voltes's
>Laser Sword anyday.
>BTW, why is this thread appearing in a Gundam ML? :)

aye well....
"Magic is the hand of faith..."

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