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>> Hell Yeah for the MG Sazabi.
>Yes to that. If there is any design that deserves it - it is this one. I do

>hope they come out with one... One of the Stardust ones came out so there's

>hope yet...

yes, but my pipe dream for this would be the truly impossible...have a gp04
frame which can accept both the Gerbera Tetra and the gp04 armor plates...

As for the Sazabi, it would make the most impressive MG yet if it comes out...very
spectacular, specially if they can get the head cockpit done right. the bits
are okay, and the rifle and shield and sword are okay too, but what would be
important would be to get that sleek look. UNfortunately, it would mean probably
a whole new mold and design...which isn't really bandai's style unless they
can recycle it like they have the Zaku and everything else they could.
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