Mon, 22 Nov 1999 02:18:51 EST

  How many V2 Gundams where made? I saw a picture in a magazine ages ago that
shows a scene from the anime with two V2 Gundam's side by side. So, there are
at least two of them, then.

  Another question, how old is the Gundam pilot(s) in V2 Gundam? One is only
12-13 years, isn't he? The only thing I know about V Gundam, is the mecha
designs from V Gundam are very cool.

  Why are the pilots so young? I hope AnimeVillage gets around to subbing V
Gundam. Would V Gundam have been a better Gundam show to release in the US
first? Wouldn't a Gundam show with young kids as the pilot appeal better to
the people who watch CN?


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