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This is an original Roman Album (back in the heydays of the 80s, this series
used to be the definitive anime guide books), and is one of the FIRST books
on gundam (in the roman album itself it lists the books on gundam that was
out, other than a listing of articles in the anime monthlies and Sunrise's
official tome, there were NONE at that time). Years and years out of print,
this book came out when Gundam was considered a FAILURE, a series that were
prematurely ended because of poor ratings! The editors saw it as what it
was, a epoch-making series, and gave it the proper treatment in this
ground-breaking book.

208 pages, roughly 1/3 in color, with short anime cell synopsis on all 43
episodes, action shots of the MS and characters, character and mecha
profiles, and most rare of all, preliminary mecha and character design
notes, and the ORIGINAL story proposal by sunrise to the TV station. Of
course, the black and white character/mecha animation line art are all in

Since we're all adults here, might I mention the shower scenes of Frau Bau
and Sayla (which is different from the one in the movie!) hidden in the book
somewhere : ) ?

This book has been one of my favorites for almost 20 years. I am only
selling a second copy that I acquired a while back, to a real fan on the ML.
If you're a gundam fan, I could (ALMOST) put up a guarantee of satisfaction
on this book!

I've put it up on ebay to facilitate the selling process. Check it out.

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> On Sat, 20 Nov 1999, John Kwok wrote:
> > Actually, I have a second copy of the Roman Album from the first TV
> > (from 1981!) that I hope to sell soon, esp. to a real fan (like you guys
> > the ML, say). That also showed a bit of the ol' GUNBOY.
> Hi! Could you describe the RA a little? E.g. what's included, how many
> pages of text, pictures, color pictures?
> What was the original Yens price? And how much are you asking for it?
> Where do you live (so I can estimate the shipping cost)?
> I think I count as a real fan, if you haven't been there already, please
> check out:
> Thanks!
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