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>>right? and I'm saying the GW boys seem to act too one dimesionally (like a
>>Wufei: Gets pissed and dispenses own brand of Justice, fights for honor.
>>Heero: He has the same atitude as batman, like he needs a little laxative.
>>Trowa: according to him he has no feelings
>>Quatre: He's supposed to be the softie
>>Duo:Loud mouthed guy
>If this is what you think, you obviously haven't watched the entire
>series... There is a lot of change and character development through the
>series, especially if you watch to the end of Endless Waltz. (Helps even
>more if you read Episode Zero manga and Endless Waltz novelizations which
>has background on the boys which they didn't have time to show on the
>Girls tend to like shows with lots of character development and emotions,
>and GW certainly fits the bill very well. If you go to GW sites of mailing
>lists, there are endless arguments and analyses into the personality and
>character of the five boys.
>I can go into a lot of details to refute the seemingly simple personalites
>as mentioned above, but it will take too long so I won't.
>mirai y

I have seen every single animated Gundam Series to date excluding ZZ so I
would like to think I know what GW is about. It seems that there are too many
Emotions in GW, The story seems so forced upon and unnatural. Big whoop, Wufei
goes bad but keep in mind he still keeps to his honor. Heero although he kills
the little girl and doggy he still keeps to his constipation attitude, Trowa
still has no feelings and Quatre and Duo have no developement in EW

Compared to every gundam series GW has the least character developement. Its
seems to me of more of a soap opera trying to stir up your emotions, For
example Trieze starts saying all the dead soldiers names, I think I got
something in my eyes, *sniff *sob. Unlike other Gundam series GW has HUGE gaps
in logic, even G Gundam seems to have more legitamcy to it than GW, excluding
the colonies that is.

Though I did enjoy some parts of GW, Its not very high on my list of

- Roger

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