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>From: BlazeEagle@aol.com
> I kind of figured they aren't too accurate. Do they cuss a lot?

Very rarely -

I also look at their
>body language to get my opinion of how they act, too.
> Yep, I am watching a subbed version. But, what my opinion is based on is
>what I see and the way the Wing guys act, not on the subtitles.

One of the most notable things about Wing is that the lines are extremely
stylized, poetic, and cryptic. Several Japanese books mentioned that half
the fun of GW are the memorable (and often strange) lines that the
characters speak. Most of these lines are extremely difficult to translate
into English because even in Japanese, the meaning is fairly unclear. (But
hey, it often sounds poetic and beautiful, so what the heck! - I think
that's half the reason why Japanese women liked this series so much)

For example, Quatre's "Uchu no kokoro" line. I usually see this translated
as "heart of the universe" when the true meaning is "heart of space", and
the Japanese have 2 words for heart, one for the mind and another for the
physical organ. Kokoro only refers to the mind. That sets a whole new
meaning to this phrase. (Not that this makes any more sense to what Quatre
is referring to...)

I've often watched GW wondering how all these lines could possibly be
translated into English without going through a long explanation, because I
certainly can't do it.

First Gundam had many memorable lines of this type...many became very well
known even to non-anime fans in the late 70's. Unfortunately, they were lost
in the English subtitles because although the meaning was fairly accurate,
the natural poetic rhythm of the Japanese language and the delivery of the
speech by the voice actors were gone.

mirai y

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