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>From: Mark Simmons <scorpio@best.com>

>* If it has the word "Gundam" in its name, it's a Gundam.

>* If it doesn't have the word "Gundam" in its name, it's not a Gundam.

so you consider the mass production Zeta Gundam MSZ-007 (which has the word
"Gundam" in its name) to be a Gundam but not the Zeta +, that makes no sense
to me.

> That's limited quantity, true, but it seems to be many more units than
>the Rick Dias or GunEZ production run. The Z Plus, like the Re-GZ, was
>designed as a simplified form of the Z Gundam that could be
>mass-produced, and 20 units is pretty good for what's still a very
>advanced and complex mobile suit. It's certainly too many units for an
>experimental prototype.

as I said.. there is only 1 unit of A3 or the last D model. They are
certainly prototypes.

>Plus, all of which are perfectly valid, but none of them are relevant to
>my own numbingly simple definition of what constitutes a Gundam (see
>above). Far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter whether 2, 20, or 200
>units were produced, or whether it's better or worse than its Gundam
>ancestor. For whatever reason, its creators consciously decided not to
>endow it with the Gundam name.

I still think the name is implied.. as in Zeta Gundam Plus. We all call the
ZZ, the Double Zeta, and not Double Zeta Gundam. The word "Gundam" is
implied there as well as in the case of the Zeta +.

> Let's see. On page 150 of the big Gundam Sentinel book, we're told that
>the first Z Plus was redesigned for atmospheric use to increase its
>suitability for mass production. Only a small number were produced, but
>that _was_ the point of the redesign. And that may be why its creators,
>anticipating that large quantities would ultimately be produced,
>deliberately decided _not_ to call it the "Z Gundam Plus."

nah.. Zeta Gundam Plus would sound really stupid. Besides, all Gundams have
only two words in their name (which is why in the case of Double Zeta,
everyone just calls it Double Zeta, Anaheim calls it Iota Gundam (or some
other Greek letter thereabouts)). Anaheim might have originally planned the
Zeta Plus to be a mass produced line (hence the relatively large number of
A1s), but the line obviously became an experimental one in the later stages,
with the exception of the C1 which seemed practical enough to mass produce
in limited quantities. It is highly likely that the reason the C1s were mass
produced was in response to the Pezun uprising.

> Evidently the Gundam Sentinel staff have higher expectations of their
>mass-produced mobile suits. ;-) At any rate, their book claims that the Z
>Plus was intended to be produced in large quantities, and a run of 20
>units for a single model - not even counting the C type - is far beyond
>the 1-4 units of a typical prototype unit in the Gundam world.

Like I said earlier, perhaps Anaheim originally intended the Zeta Plus to be
a mass produced Zeta Gundam line (hence the relative large number of A1s,
the first model), but it obviously didn't turn out that way. Later models
never exceeded 6 in number, and there is only one unit of the final Zeta
Plus model, the Zeta Plus D. One must ask oneself, if the ultimate purpose
is to create a mass produced MS, why is the last model, presumably the final
end product, a prototype? Notice I didn't say the RGZ as the last stage of
the Zeta Plus because the RGZ is NOT a Zeta Plus, it just derived from it
(with some features taken out). Actually, the RGZ is most likely derived
from the Zeta Plus C4 and not the D, since the latter also uses Flying Armor
system and not the VMsAWRs like the D. There are alot of information on the
Zeta plus not found in Gundam Sentinels.

> >funny.. I always thought GM stands for General Model. No "Gundam" there.
> "General Model" is, as far as I know, a bogus guess cooked up by
>English-speaking fans. It's never been officially explained what "GM" is
>short for, though "Gundam Mass-produced" is a popular fan guess on both
>sides of the Pacific. My own hunch is that, just as the "GZ" in RGZ-91 is
>short for "Gundam Z," and the "GC" in RGC-80 is short for "Guncannon,"
>the "GM" in RGM-79 is a contraction of "Gundam."

Perhaps.. but in the absence of empiracle evidence, it holds just as much
water as anything else anyone can cook up. I personally don't think there's
anything wrong with "General Model", it sounds very plausible. Why does
everything in the feddie's arsenal have to be called Gundam something or
other? it doesn't make any sense.

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