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> Your saying most anime characters seem more 3 dimensional than US cartoons
> right? and I'm saying the GW boys seem to act too one dimesionally (like a
> US
> Cartoon):

  Yes, you are correct, that is what I said, but I said most, not all of them
though. Like everything else is, there's always exceptions.

> Wufei: Gets pissed and dispenses own brand of Justice, fights for honor.
> Heero: He has the same atitude as batman, like he needs a little laxative.
> Trowa: according to him he has no feelings
> Quatre: He's supposed to be the softie
> Duo:Loud mouthed guy

  Yeah, but there are people in real life that act like that. Some real life
people are one sided too :) Those are stereo types, though. Being one sided
and a stereo type, are similar, but not excalty the same.

> Does this remind you of a few certain american cartoons?(Ninja
> Avengers, Gargoyles)

 Yes, it does, but those are good cartoons, IMO. Gargoyles was espically a
good American cartoon. Again, the characters in those cartoons are kind of
one sided, but at least they are better then other American cartoons.

> I don't mean to be an ass but I just wanted to point that out.
> And for the record, I do agree with what your saying.

  Thanks for letting me know that. Was just stating my opinions. Thanks for
letting me know you agree with me, because I didn't know if you did agree of
didn't agree, either way is fine with me.


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