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> Yep, the SRW Complete box has SRW 2,3 and EX in one package, as well as a
> history of SRW Disc.

Well, there you go. That could be released in the US and the SRW history
disk, would fill the American audience on the rest. Maybe not anime, but
there seems to be a huge demand for Japanese video games, once a web site or
game magazine reports on a Japanese game.

> I personally think the Front Mission series will have a greater chance of
> success here in the US since it has a number of similarities to the
> Battletech and Heavy Gear universes, which is pretty much the 'definative'
> mecha series in the US.

  Yes, I see exactly what you are saying. Me wanting SRW to be released in
the US is wishful thinking. SRW may never be released in the US, but there is
hope it may, because more and more Japanese games are being translated and
released in the US. After all, Sega is bringing out that weird, virtual pet
program Sea Man in the US. If that can be released in the US, SRW has a good
chance of being released in the US eventually, too. I was just giving my
reasoning on why I think SRW could be released in the US.


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