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> Also, if you're basing your judgement without having seen the whole series
> or on fansubs, I would strongly recommend watching the entire series with
> good, accurate translation before passing judgment. The few fansubs I've
> seen in the US had incorrect translations all over the place. (like every
> other line...)

  I kind of figured they aren't too accurate. Do they cuss a lot? In the ones
I have, they seem to cuss a little too much for anime. I also look at their
body language to get my opinion of how they act, too.

  Yep, I am watching a subbed version. But, what my opinion is based on is
what I see and the way the Wing guys act, not on the subtitles. I wasn't
really judging, it was my opinion of what I have seen of Wing so far(20
episodes) I am glad AnimeVillage is releasing Wing on tape, so I can get an
accurate representation on the characters in Wing, hopefully the version for
Cartoon Network won't be edited to much, so it can hold me over until I can
afford all the AV Wing tapes, as they are released.


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