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>>7. ?
>Heavy Machinery Science


>>10. Tsuki no Kon (Soul of the Moon) [?]

I think you misunderstand here -- the question mark inside brackets
indicates that I don't know who the vocalist is, not that I'm unsure of the

>>11. Kabochiyamatsui [?]
>No clue on this one...

Here, I've yet to translate the Japanese title or determine the vocalist.

>>19. Uka (Grow Wings) [?]
>Or Featherize?

Well, there *IS* that feather in the box and "Featherize" *DOES* sound like
a Yoko Kanno song title, but I'll stick with "Grow Wings" as my interpretation.

>>21. ?
>Wooden Flying Machine

That's two for you, thank you again.


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