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> Heh. In the most recent issue of Toons magazine, they did a "Top ten
> things we learned fron G.I. Joe" that encapsulated many of the complaints
> made in this thread. Hopefully, they'll provide amusement. They were:

  Yep, I read that to. It was entertaining.

> [The good news is that, IMHO, at least things have gotten a little better
> in U.S. Animation in recent years, at least in the characterization
> department - examples include Beast Wars and Batman: The Animated Series]

  Yes, they sure have. Roswell Conspiracies is another good one. It deals
with aliens mostly. For example, Banshee's, Werewolves, Yetis, Vampires, etc.
are alien races!

  The introduction episodes weren't much, but it seems to be a lot better
now. Today's episode was about alien slug things that use dead human bodies
as hosts and we have Zombies explained as aliens! Its got some wild ideas
that work. There's also aliens getting shot and no escapes at at. Aliens
getting caught in explosions, etc. It borrows ideas from lots of sci-fi
movies and alien conspiracies. I believe it even showed a little blood
splatter on leaves. It was realistic, not there just to show blood.


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