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> As a newbie to gundam what movies or info should I start with?
        Hi there! Welcome to the Universal Century... ^_^

        I would suggest doing some background reading first; I got into
Gundam through a series of articles written by Z for Anime UK Magazine -
it was quite some time before I actually got to see Gundam screen! Anime
UK is unfortunately now out of print, but an equally good source of
information can be found at The Gundam Project: http://gundam.anime.net/
        Gundam 0083 might be a good place to start, as while it draws on
Gundam history and the Universal Century, it pretty much stands on its
own and you don't need to know a great deal about the Gundam set up to
get the basic plot. Gundam 0080 is another good starting point, but its
much more character based than a typical mecha fest.
        Or you could start at the beginning, with the three Gundam
Movies, although some background reading will help fill in quite a few
gaps - the Movies consist of the original, 40 - odd TV episodes
compressed into about six hours...
        Both are available from animevillage.com. If you don't mind what
Gundam you see, or whether its set in the original Universal Century
timeline, then animevillage.com will be releasing Gundam Wing sooner or
later - I've found it a very easy series to dip in and out of, even if
my feelings towards it are a bit mixed.
        Oh, and if you ever get the chance, see Chars Counterattack.
Even if you don't get half of whats going on, its worth it for the
spectacle alone - they don't make 'em like that anymore!

        Hope that helps - and hope you find yourself a NewType soon! ^_^

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