mirai y (eacmd@hotmail.com)
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 10:22:49 EST

Aaron wrote:

> > me, i prefer the trained-terrorist-scenario better
> > than the
> > innocent-kid-stumbles-over-great-war-machine-and-gets-caught-up-in-war.
>Me, too. The Wing guys seem to believe in what they are fighting for and
>aren't afraid to take action for their beliefs.

I agree. At the start of the series, each has their own idea of right and
wrong, and believes that they are doing the right thing. As the story goes
on, they start having self-doubt, unsure of their own feelings and what they
should or shouldn't be doing. In the end, each is trying to achieve peace
in the world but through different means.

Also, if you're basing your judgement without having seen the whole series
or on fansubs, I would strongly recommend watching the entire series with
good, accurate translation before passing judgment. The few fansubs I've
seen in the US had incorrect translations all over the place. (like every
other line...)

I thought the whole idea gave a nice, different twist from the
"innocent-kid" storyline that seemed to predominate in the Gundam series.

mirai y

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