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>From: Richie Ramos <gaijin@i-manila.com.ph>
>Granted, gundam pilots skilled in terror tactics are not good role models,
>but I would prefer them over goody-two shoes unreal role models. after
>watching the whole of wing and EW, one begins to understand why they use
>extreme tactics, and one begins to understand the drive behind their
>respective personalities. If they lived in a just world, then they would
>be good role models, but they're not, so out the window goes all the

I agree with Richie - I have no problems letting my sons (7 and 13 yrs. old)
watch GW. They may "look" like terrorists in the beginning but their actual
personalities are quite different. Kids who are old enough to follow the
storyline will eventually figure that out.

My 7 yr. old will probably like the "kewl robots" and the fighting (heck, he
likes anything that has robots and fighting). My 13 yr. old will probably
like the story. Being a young kid exposed only to more recent animation, he
found First Gundam's story to be really good but didn't like the dated
animation (in his words, "these people look weird"). He's watched the raw
Japanese GW with me and really liked the animation. Since this is the
target age group for Toonami, I still think GW is the best choice out of the
Gundam series.

As for role models, I really don't expect normal 13 yr. olds to consider
anime characters to be "role models". Kids who do have more serious mental

mirai y

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