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Sun, 21 Nov 1999 20:10:35 +0800

Z, can you give me the lyrics of those songs? I just wanna know... after all,
I did get them through IRC... it was a long search anyhow...

> Mobile Suit V-Gundam BGM, Score I (King KICA-153) has the first season
> OP/ED (Stand Up To The Victory by Lindbergh and Winners Forever by Infix)
> as the first and last tracks, respectively.
> Mobile Suit V-Gundam BGM, Score III (King KICA-199) has the second season
> OP/ED (Don't Stop! Carry On! by RD and Mou Ichido [Once Again] Tenderness
> by KIX-S) as the third and fifth tracks, respectively.
> Both CDs are also available from Son May (SM) Records, but I don't know
> their catalog numbers off-hand.

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