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>> Well, yeah. I do wonder how the ideal-rolemodel-good-to-
>> shoes-heroes in American cartoons always manages to win in the end
>> the bad guy's use of "dirty tricks". And
>> do wonder why the bad guys always seems to land in a soft
>> spot whenever they are thrown. ~_~
>And, when a vechicle is blown up and disappers, the bad guy suddenly jumps
>parachutes out of the vechicle, even kids would releaize there's no way the
>bad guy could still be alive.You'd think that would have more work and cost
>invloved, to animate useless escape scenes.
[Okay, I know an off-topic post isnt the best thing to send first up, but
it's what sprang to mind. I promise to post more-relevant material in the

Heh. In the most recent issue of Toons magazine, they did a "Top ten
things we learned fron G.I. Joe" that encapsulated many of the complaints
made in this thread. Hopefully, they'll provide amusement. They were:

10. NOBODY DIES The show was famous for showing parachutes unfurl every
time a fighter jet was shot down. Actual death was forbidden.

9. THE LUKE/LEIA THING You never know when your enemy might turn out to be
a relative... as Lady Jaye discovered when she and Destro happened to show
up at the same family reunion.

8. NEVER GIVE UP When world domination is your goal, countless defeats
mean nothing. Cobra members never got arrested, they'd always come back
for more.

7. COBRA DID IT If *anything* goes wrong, Cobra's behind it. When Cross
Country's tape deck goes missing in one episode, it was stolen by Cobra
Commander's robotic pet rat.

6. IT'S THE CLOTHES Dress like the enemy, and you're in. Members of both
sides easily impersonated other characters, enabling them to
perpetrate/spoil nefarious plots.

5. VILLAINS ARE LONELY You don't have to look for your enemy to fight
them. While G.I.Joe usually responded to trouble, Cobra often bungled its
way into Joe's unsuspecting lap.

4. THE NAME GAME If you encounter someone with an evil name, arrest them.
In G.I.Joe, villains often had names like Dr. Lucifer or Dr. Attila.

3. QUICK FIXES Cobra's successful plans were surprisingly easy to clean
up. Like the time Cobra Commander vaporized all of the world's currency to
replace it with his own. Fixed by next episode.

2. PLAN F Keep failing to take over the world, and you'll eventually turn
to desperate acts like buying a dude ranch because it's next to a solar
energy farm.

1. PRICE TAG The price of failure can sometimes be steep. Cobra
Commander's punishment for his string of failures? He was turned into a
real snake!

[The good news is that, IMHO, at least things have gotten a little better
in U.S. Animation in recent years, at least in the characterization
department - examples include Beast Wars and Batman: The Animated Series]


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