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> sorry guys. but i think 15 year old terrorists are
> not that unrealistic (especially in a brutal warfare
> world that gundam is supposed to be). besides which,
> "terrorism" is a matter of viewpoint. you may not
> like the idea, but that's the ugly truth in our end of
> the world.

  I agree with you. I may not experience it first hand, but I do watch the
news. Isn't there 13 year old boys in third world countries who have machine
guns and kill people, because its either kill or be killed? What about the 17
and older boys who had no choice but to fight in America's wars? Just because
someone is a "terrorist" doesn't have to mean they are evil, right? Its like
how the bad guys in Gundam are noble and cruel, but are sometimes not "evil".

> me, i prefer the trained-terrorist-scenario better
> than the
> innocent-kid-stumbles-over-great-war-machine-and-gets-caught-up-in-war.
Me, too. The Wing guys seem to believe in what they are fighting for and
aren't afraid to take action for their beliefs.


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