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Sat, 20 Nov 1999 22:46:20 -0800 (PST)

> Granted, gundam pilots skilled in terror tactics are
> not good role models,
> but I would prefer them over goody-two shoes unreal
> role models. after
> watching the whole of wing and EW, one begins to
> understand why they use
> extreme tactics, and one begins to understand the
> drive behind their
> respective personalities. If they lived in a just
> world, then they would
> be good role models, but they're not, so out the
> window goes all the
> niceness. Of course, I guess it comes from having a
> different point of
> view...i grew up in a place where high school
> students throw homemade
> grenades at crowds because of fraternity wars. I
> think it's called
> desensitization.

and don't forget the children caught up in the
warfronts of the various rebel factions in the
provinces. you don't think they'd identify very well
with the 5 wing boys?

sorry guys. but i think 15 year old terrorists are
not that unrealistic (especially in a brutal warfare
world that gundam is supposed to be). besides which,
"terrorism" is a matter of viewpoint. you may not
like the idea, but that's the ugly truth in our end of
the world.

me, i prefer the trained-terrorist-scenario better
than the

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