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Actually, I'm glad I took a look at the Archives this afternoon. I had the
bookstore clerks open it up for me. $140 is WAYY too much money for it, in
my opinion, esp. since a lot of the material is already covered in the Roman
Album (which, of course, is long out of print).

Thanks for the info, though.

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> At 03:25 11/20/1999 -0500, you wrote:
> >Any one have the massive volume "Gundam Archives" from Mediaworks,
> >yen? It just came out and I'm itching to get it, but I'm afraid it's
just a
> >collection of old material.
> I posted a review of this book when I received my copy some months ago.
> may still be in the Gundam Mailing List Archives:
> or Kota Fujimura's Gundam ML Archive:
> In brief, it's a compendium of sketches and notes that depict the process
> of creating the first Gundam TV series. Some of the material also appears
> in the much less expensive Gundam Age, but Gundam Archive is a huge
> hardcover in slip case coffee-table book and Gundam Age is a digest sized
> paperback, so even the sketches that appear in both are much better
> realized in Gundam Archive.
> You also get to see the evolution of the Gundam characters and mecha, the
> latter of which looked much more toylike in the early stages. The
> character designs by Yoshikazu Yasuhiro are always of interest to me and
> it's even more interesting when you can see how the characters evolved
> before they were animated.
> You'll kick yourself more if you don't get this book and later decide that
> you should have than if you get it and later decide you shouldn't
> have. It's easier to find a buyer for a book you no longer want than to
> find and acquire a book that you passed over several years before.
> I know, 'cause I'm STILL looking for a copy of Gundam 0080: Standby,
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