Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 01:18:44 -0500

>And, when a vechicle is blown up and disappers, the bad guy suddenly jumps or
>parachutes out of the vechicle, even kids would releaize there's no way the
>bad guy could still be alive.You'd think that would have more work and cost
>invloved, to animate useless escape scenes.

 The bad guys sometimes even escapes out even before the vehicle get's hit. Must be somekinda psychics or.... newtypes!? ^^;

> Yeah, I know excatly what you mean. In Gundam, its done in such a way that
>its entertaing, but still has a "moral" to its story. TV is not a replacement
>for a good parent, but maybe if more cartoons showed that useless violence
>was bad, instead of sheltering kids from it, some senseless violence could
>have be avoided, like a school shooting. A kids show, can have fighting, and
>still stay a kids show, as long as its not past a PG-13 rating.

 Yeah, but parents rather to say something like; "What's
this!? They shouldn't be showing these things knowing that
kids are watching it!" instead of educating them on the matter. ~_~

> Yes, it sure is. Lets make our own Utopia! ^_^

 LOL! Believe me, I would, if I ever became a trillionaire
or something. It's one of my two wildest ambitions ^_^;


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