Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 01:09:39 -0500

>Right..but Front Mission 3 does not rely much on past games on its story.
>SRW on the other hand, requires a heavy amount of old anime watching to
>fully appreciate, while FM3 uses new mecha designs and its story isn't
>derived from the previous games. FM 3 refers to the events in FM1 and Gun
>Hazard, but all you have to know is the country division between the USN,
>OCU, etc. and you can pick up the story real quick, why its not so true with
>the SRW series, which requires you to play from SRW2 to fully get the entire

 Huh? SRW2 is pretty old... but I think it's in the SRW Complete Box, right?


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