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> Well, yeah. I do wonder how the ideal-rolemodel-good-to-
> shoes-heroes in American cartoons always manages to win in the end despite
> the bad guy's use of "dirty tricks". And
> do wonder why the bad guys always seems to land in a soft
> spot whenever they are thrown. ~_~

And, when a vechicle is blown up and disappers, the bad guy suddenly jumps or
parachutes out of the vechicle, even kids would releaize there's no way the
bad guy could still be alive.You'd think that would have more work and cost
invloved, to animate useless escape scenes.

> Yeah, but they'll say... "such a serious matter ain't right for young
> ... geez.

  Yeah, I know excatly what you mean. In Gundam, its done in such a way that
its entertaing, but still has a "moral" to its story. TV is not a replacement
for a good parent, but maybe if more cartoons showed that useless violence
was bad, instead of sheltering kids from it, some senseless violence could
have be avoided, like a school shooting. A kids show, can have fighting, and
still stay a kids show, as long as its not past a PG-13 rating.


> Yeah... so what are those conservatives driving at then?
> That the world is actually a themepark rather than the hell it really is!?
> That is so d*** superficial, what
> hypocrisy!
> I guess we wouldn't really know what it is to live in a
> "just world" unless we build somekinda utopia... Yes, it's
> such a sad fact.

  Yes, it sure is. Lets make our own Utopia! ^_^


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