Kaworu Nagisa (17thangel@tokyo-3.com)
Sun, 21 Nov 1999 00:47:47 -0500

> So do I. Most anime characters are "real" people. I get so tired of the one
>sided heroes and villains of a lot of American cartoons. Real people are not
>perfect and most accept this, and try to be the best they can. If there was a
>"perfect" person, he/she would be very dull and boring to be around, wouldn't

 Well, yeah. I do wonder how the ideal-rolemodel-good-to-
shoes-heroes in American cartoons always manages to win in the end despite the bad guy's use of "dirty tricks". And
do wonder why the bad guys always seems to land in a soft
spot whenever they are thrown. ~_~

> I think you are right. When you are out numbered, you'd probably do some
>bad things to, just to stay alive. A Gundam show is supposed to tell about
>how bad wars are, isn't it? To do this, you most shock the audience. That's I
>hope Wing and any other Gundam shown on US TV, will be left untouched. We
>need stuff to remind us of the evils of war, even if the reasons for a war
>are just. To help was think about the gains and loses of a war. The US civil
>war made the US a better price, but not all wars have a good affect on

 Yeah, but they'll say... "such a serious matter ain't right for young minds"... geez.

> Not too often, as far as I know. If the world was just, all anime, Japanese
>games, all foreign entertainment forms in general, would be available in
>every language spoken today, including English, we would have world peace,
>hate wouldn't exist, etc.

 Yeah... so what are those conservatives driving at then?
That the world is actually a themepark rather than the hell it really is!? That is so d*** superficial, what

 I guess we wouldn't really know what it is to live in a
"just world" unless we build somekinda utopia... Yes, it's
such a sad fact.


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