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> What makes SRW so nice is that it is one big anime crossover. You atleast
> get to see characters from diff.
> anime interact. Aside from that, you also get to control
> their trademark attacks/weapons.

Yep, the same goes for me. SRW is crossovers gone crazy, but well made.

> I'm not sure... but I did see a poster with the words
> "Inspector Incident", "Londo Bell", "DC" (Divine Crusaders), and other
> stuff I often encountered in
> the game itself. I guess these are keywords to the story.
> Anyhow, SRW is like an original storyline embedded with
> various storylines from diff. anime. These minor storylines are somewhat
> changed from their corresponding
> original much like in a way OAVs vary from the TV series.
> That's the way I see it.

  Okay, then US game players wouldn't have to know a thing about the mecha
anime the mecha come from in SRW, since you say SRW has a original stroy
mixed in the different anime's stories. The game itself would fill them in on
the story.


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