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Sun, 21 Nov 1999 00:31:29 -0500

>> but you have to admit about 98% of the Series shown is
>> old stuff.
> Yes, but about 8% are old, but are not unknown in the US. A US release of
>the PSX SRW games could/would generate a demand for these oldies, but goodies
>shows. I had no interest in seeing ANY Super Robot shows, until I played SRW.

 I guess, that goes the same for me. Well, SRW did bring
back my interest in super robots I had been more fascinated with during my childhood. I did trying watching
Getter Robo... but the TV series itself wasn't that cool.
I saw the new Shin Getter Robo... nice, it has a somewhat Evangelion feel to it, but I was disappointed with the opening theme. The original OT wasn't that good either,
but the SRW CD version of it was way cool. I just wish they used that instead for SGR.

> I read in a game magazine, that Nintendo didn't think PokeMon would do well
>in the US, but look how popular it is! All PokeMon's profits couldn't have
>come from kids and parents, there's has to be some adults that like PokeMon.
>My point is, a lot of Americas popular cartoons and video games, are and
>where, of Japanese origin. Examples, the Metal Gear NES games, Metal Gear
>Solid, Mario, Zelda, Voltron, the Japanese robots that Shogun Warriors was
>based on, Final Fantasy, DigiMon, Power Rangers the list goes on and on. All
>of these where at first, where hardly known to the US, until they where
>played or watched. SRW stands a very good chance of doing well in the US.
>Anime gets a bad rap sometimes, but an awful lot of America's most popular
>properties are or are based on anime. Whew!, is my point made? Need I go on?

 What makes SRW so nice is that it is one big anime crossover. You atleast get to see characters from diff.
anime interact. Aside from that, you also get to control
their trademark attacks/weapons.

> SRW's story line, what I gather from playing the game, is that real and
>super robots that are and are not from the same series, fight together. Could
>someone give me a basic idea of SRW's story line? Like, other then the
>obvious reasons, are a ton of mecha anime robots in one game and story line?
>Sorry for the rant.

 I'm not sure... but I did see a poster with the words
"Inspector Incident", "Londo Bell", "DC" (Divine Crusaders), and other such stuff I often encountered in
the game itself. I guess these are keywords to the story.
Anyhow, SRW is like an original storyline embedded with
various storylines from diff. anime. These minor storylines are somewhat changed from their corresponding
original much like in a way OAVs vary from the TV series.
That's the way I see it.


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