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>Any one have the massive volume "Gundam Archives" from Mediaworks, 10000
>yen? It just came out and I'm itching to get it, but I'm afraid it's just a
>collection of old material.

I posted a review of this book when I received my copy some months ago. It
may still be in the Gundam Mailing List Archives:


or Kota Fujimura's Gundam ML Archive:


In brief, it's a compendium of sketches and notes that depict the process
of creating the first Gundam TV series. Some of the material also appears
in the much less expensive Gundam Age, but Gundam Archive is a huge
hardcover in slip case coffee-table book and Gundam Age is a digest sized
paperback, so even the sketches that appear in both are much better
realized in Gundam Archive.

You also get to see the evolution of the Gundam characters and mecha, the
latter of which looked much more toylike in the early stages. The
character designs by Yoshikazu Yasuhiro are always of interest to me and
it's even more interesting when you can see how the characters evolved long
before they were animated.

You'll kick yourself more if you don't get this book and later decide that
you should have than if you get it and later decide you shouldn't
have. It's easier to find a buyer for a book you no longer want than to
find and acquire a book that you passed over several years before.

I know, 'cause I'm STILL looking for a copy of Gundam 0080: Standby, OK!....


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