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>What i need to know is which english titles are correct or both can be
>use since there is no real english titles?

Bingo! Any translation is going to be an interpretation by the translator,
even so-called "literal" translations.

For example, the Japanese word "sei" can be translated correctly as either
"star" or "planet" because the Japanese didn't make a distinction between
the two. The phrase "planet of water" (or "watery planet") makes more
sense than one using "star" but that's a decision made by the translator,
not a reflection of the actual meaning in Japanese. One could argue that
"To the Earth, With Love" is accurate, since Earth is the water world to
which the title refers.

The literal translation of "Z - Toki wo Koete" is "after this time" meaning
in the era to come. I used to render this title as "Beyond The Hard Times
 From Now" -- echoing the English lyric. I now render it as "Beyond The
Time" as an echo of the TM Network ending theme in CCA -- "Beyond The Time
(Moebius of Love)" -- but I'm still interpreting it in a larger context,
not a verbatim rendering of the Japanese verbiage.

"Silent Voice" will always be "Silent Voice" because the title is in
English, rendered in Japanese katakana.

"Ginga" is an odd duck. It would be translated literally as "Silver River"
but it's not because it corresponds to the "Milky Way" of Western tradition
-- the band of stars that comprise the rest of the galaxy, seen edge-on
from Earth. I tend to translate it as "galaxy" myself, as "Milky Way" puts
me in mind of a chocolate and caramel candy bar.

My favorite example of how awkward translation may become is the "Super
Dimensional" series from Tatsunoko. This consisted of three TV shows,
Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Super Dimensional Cavalry Southern
Cross and Super Dimensional Century Orguss. The term translated into
English as "Super Dimensional" in all three is "Choh Jiku" -- "Exceeding
Space-Time" -- which I would translate as "Hyperspace"....


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