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> Can i know the english name for Gekka Bijin (2nd track in the Turn a
>Gundam single CD), please? and Can someone do a track listing for the
>Turn a Gundam OST 2 album? I wish to know the tracks before i purchase

"Beauty Beneath The Moon" is how I would translate Hideki Saijo's image song.

As to the track list, I've only gone over it cursorily myself. Here's what
I've got so far:

1. Turn A Turn (opening version) [Hideki Saijo]
2. White Falcon
3. London Bridge Falling Down
4. Alpha & Omega [Carla Vallet]
5. Barbarian
6. Moon Flower
7. ?
8. Pan Okoneyou
9. Winter Sun
10. Tsuki no Kon (Soul of the Moon) [?]
11. Kabochiyamatsui [?]
12. Drum Head
13. Triad
14. Jig
15. Lily
16. Puff The Pussy Puzzle
17. Until [Maryanne Murrary]
18. Blond
19. Uka (Grow Wings) [?]
20. Morning Of Nocis
21. ?
22. She's So High
23. Aura (Acoustic Version) [Shinji Tanimura]
24. Joy

As you can see, I haven't worked out all of the titles and artists
yet. I've also corrected the spelling of "Alfa" in "Alpha & Omega" but
that's just me -- feel free to misspell it to match the album.


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