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>> I know that they have already put out a hyaku shiki and the Quebley in MG
>> format
> No, they haven't. There's HG UC versions of them, but there's no MG kits of
>those mecha, currently. Where did you hear that the Hyaku Shiki and Quebley
>are MG kits? The new MGs are: the Alex NT-1, Rick Dom, two GMs, and ZZ
> Aaron

I figure they will opt for more variations since its cheap and the could
change a lot of stuff, but thats only my opinion. If they make more variations
these are what I think would be interesting or at least plausible to think
Bandai would do in my opinion:

Powered GM (modified MG GP01)
Z +A1
Z II( all MG zeta variations)
Desert Zaku II Rommel custom (Zaku II)
Gelgoog Marine (MG Gelgoog + tanks)
Nemo (MG mk II)

- Roger


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