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Actually, I have a second copy of the Roman Album from the first TV series
(from 1981!) that I hope to sell soon, esp. to a real fan (like you guys on
the ML, say). That also showed a bit of the ol' GUNBOY.

How about the other series or did the massive book cover only the original

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> A friend of mine recently got that book, it's pretty interesting with a
> of content that I don't think you'll find elsewhere. There are tons of
> sketches of scenery, mechs, character designs and the like from the
> original series, as well as designs from GunBoy and more that never were
> animated. Unfortunately I didn't get to look over the book as much as I
> wanted to, but from what I saw if you're really into the original series
> then it's probably a good book for you if you're willing to lay down that
> kind of money.
> Also of note: everyone's favorite mascot, Haro, is romanized as 'Hello' in
> the Gundam Archives book, which actually makes quite a bit of sense if you
> know Japanese. I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but I
> thought it was interesting.
> Jonathan Rosenfeld
> At 03:25 AM 11/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >Any one have the massive volume "Gundam Archives" from Mediaworks, 10000
> >yen? It just came out and I'm itching to get it, but I'm afraid it's
just a
> >collection of old material.
> >
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