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<<Strangely the complex story of wing compared to brainles american cartoons

(hysteria,Goof Troop,Beetle Borgs)is way to overwhelming for a 5 year old,

when wing was supposed to be geared towards girls and kids a little bit older.


True, but none of those shows have done very well.

Batman, Batman Beyond, Men In Black, Beast Wars, it's sequel Beast Machines,
Dragonball Z are far more in lines with Gundam Wing (storywise) in terms of
either complex subject matter, and/or by impressing upon the kids that they
have to watch every episode to know what's happening in the story. And all of
these shows do VERY well.

GW will also be on Toonami which is already the most watched block of
programming on basic cable in that timeslot. Kids will be watching the show
for the "kewl" robots, and find themselves getting the more subtle story
points along the way. And if it takes multiple reairings of the series over
the course of a year for the younger kids to "catch up", more the better.
Networks LOVE programming that they can rerun to death and still get good
ratings. <s>

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