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I live in the New York City area, not much fazes me in real life. But I
simply don't care for these terrorists who masquarade as Gundam pilots.

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> > Actually, I think there's a strong possibility it will get a bad rap.
> > never liked those pretty-boy terriorists. I still remember how shocked
> > was after seeing Hiro blow up a building for the first time.
> It may be, but I hope its not. It kind of bothered me, but not much.
> Extreme gore is what gets to me, more then anything. I don't mean blood.
> is what bothers me. I've seen R rated and one or two PG-13 movies with
> violence in it then Wing. I've only seen the first 20 episodes of Wing,
> though. About the school in Wing being blown up, that could be left in, it
> is, after all, a millitary school and stuff like that happens in war or a
> iorist action.
> Well, the boys from Wing where trained their whole life to be
> wheren't they? That's the impression I get from watching Wing. Don't take
> this a rude please, Your watching anime and that kind of stuff bothers
> It didn't bother me too much. Now, if that was real life, it shake me up
> bad. I have learned, with anime, anything can happen :)
> If it is edited to the extreme, I'm glad AnimeVillage is releasing it to
> video.
> Aaron
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