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Actually, I think there's a strong possibility it will get a bad rap. I've
never liked those pretty-boy terriorists. I still remember how shocked I
was after seeing Hiro blow up a building for the first time.

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> > If the Gundam Wing packaging sold at TRU has a "watch Gundam Wing on
> > Network" type of message on the box, would you find that cheesy?
> No, not really. I've seen this type of thing on toys when I was little.
> That's one way for them to promote Gundam Wing in the US. As long as its
> the shrink wrap and the box art is left alone, It won't bother me too
> At least in my opinion, I am more worried about how much censorship,
> editing, cutting, etc. will they do to Gundam Wing in the US? I hope
> made one of the terms for Wing to released by CN, is to leave it in its
> original form, untouched.
> It deserves to be left in its original form. Some stuff in Wing will get
> bad rap because of Columbine, but Hollywood's making a movie that's a lot
> worse then Wing, its a school shooting movie or a school being taken over
> students with guns. Not sure what its exactly about, because the TV
> commercial didn't go into details and its been a few weeks since I've seen
> it. If they can make that, there's no reason to edit or cut up Wing, at
> Aaron
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