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Well I don't find andthing very annoying about wing except what I saw in a
batman comic:

Remember those retro commercials with like the cartoony explosion backround?

Wow! Mobile suit Gundam! <pic of Gundam W>

-requires no glue or paint!
-each robot is tranformable to 2 different modes!!

well there was more but I can't really remember, my friend showed it to me.

they're target market seems to be 5-9 year old or something, judging by this I
think that they will ever plan to sell MG's here... ever.

Strangely the complex story of wing compared to brainles american cartoons
(hysteria,Goof Troop,Beetle Borgs)is way to overwhelming for a 5 year old,
when wing was supposed to be geared towards girls and kids a little bit older.

But I think Wing would fly in the US, but to teens/preteens if anything.

- Roger


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