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This just in, discovered last month at the Book Mart web site:

MJ Material 10: Gundam ZZ & Z Design Material Collection (1986.6.25,
Bandai, ISBN4-89189-373-7) 176 pages (32 in color) for 980.

The front cover is the Gundam Team (ZZ head and shoulders, full body of Z
and Super Gundam) by Ryukow Masuo. Back cover is a CG illustration (early
CG, with jaggies) of the ZZ's head by Keita Amemiya. Foldout poster inside
the front cover, one side with the ZZ gals(Roux Louka, Leina Ashita & Elle
Vianno) by Hiroyuki Kitazume, the other a very Kondoh-esque sepiatone by
Makoto Kobayashi that faces a frontispiece by the same artist of a
camouflage painted ZZ.

Pages 10-15 are full-color illos of ZZ mecha, with Romanized names: MSZ-010
ZZ Gundam, AMX-101 Galluss-J, AMX-006 Gaza-D, AMX-103 Hamma-Hamma, AMX-104
R-Jarja, AMX-008 Ga-Zowmn, AMX-102 Zssa, and AMX-107 Bawoo. Page 16 gives
us the character Color Chart, with names in katakana.

The next 16 pages are B&W line art and textual story digest, ZZ eps 1 to
20. After that it's all Z Gundam through to the end of the book -- 144 pages.

A couple of things worth noting: the variable mecha are called MS in
humanoid form and MA in non-humanoid form. Or, more correctly, they are
shown in MS Mode and MA Mode. (All but the Gundams, which had a G-Fortress
and Wave Rider Mode) The MSZ-006 Z Gundam, RX-178 Gundam Mk.II and NRX-005
Baund Doc sections also have insets showing the MS in an alternative "N-G
color" color scheme, but I can't figure out what "N-G" means. The N-G
color is less garish and, in the case of the Baund Doc, quite subdued.

Oh, and there's a new term, Mobile Ship, but it appears to apply to every
ship in Z Gundam....

The B&W line art for the Z series is interesting in that it shows some
"roughs" of the mecha. The Gundam Mk.II originally looked like something
from L.Gaim at one point and like a souped-up GM (think Blue Destiny and
you won't be far off) at another, with something reminiscent of some of the
Southern Cross mecha in between. The Asshimar once sported a triple optic
like the Votoms instead of the Dom-like mono-eye with which we're familiar.

But the neatest thing about the book is the sets of matrices showing mecha
and characters in the columns and episode numbers rows or vice versa, with
white dots to indicate when a given mecha or character appeared in a given
episode -- and a black dot to indicate when the mecha was destroyed or the
character died.

I'm glad I followed my impulse and ordered this.


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