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>Not comparable. The Rebel alliance in SW was made of dozens of planets and
>civilizations, and with the corresponding funding and resources... Zeon had
>a Side and its colonies, its citizens and resources (which is at least
>comparable to a super power nation of today) What did AEUG have? PRIVATE
>BACKERS. Unrealistic considering the size of their fleet and their
>STATE-OF-THE-ART Mobile suits.
>I'm not talking about recognition by governments here, but how realistic the
>source of funding is... Of course, the economic system might be different in
>the UC.. Maybe if we don't breakup Microsoft NOW in a hundred years it will
>be rich enough to fund a Space Fleet.

Who do you think funded the American Revolution? PRIVATE BACKERS. The
American navy was a collection of privateers, which is what the name
implies, and a few turncoat British brigantines and frigates. Yes, we had
the French backing us, but that was more like Axis or the Jupiter Energy
Fleet pitching in.

Entire space colonies switched sides, which is why they were targeted by
the Titans. Half of the lunar colonies were aligned with one faction, half
with the other -- and the ones backing the Titans had AEUG sympathizers and
vice versa.

Won Lee and Melanie Hugh Carbine aren't putting up their OWN money. They
represent cartels and combines, each the equivalent of OPEC or the
Teamster's Union, putting up the entire organization's funds.


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