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> I doubt about Super Robot Wars, since its main appeal is all the 70's and
> 80's shows that it takes off the mecha from and the US audience will be
> totally clueless about most of them..besides, do you REALLY want to see SRW
> dubbed in English? :)

  I doubt it, too. It was more wishful thinking, then anything else :) It
depends on if its Godzilla style dubbing or good dubbing. Well, how about
subtitles? I want to know lots about the robots in SRW, since I have played
the game. The animations old, but CN or another station, should show dubbed
versions of the 70's and 80's robot shows, that have never seen a US release.

  Wishful thinking, again, of course, though. It could be called Super Robots
anime block, Classic Hero Robots, or something like that :)

  What would be nice, is, if its possible, a device that hooks up to the PSX
and translates or at least subtitles, all the text and speech in the game.
The device could have a hard drive or something, to save the games
translation to.


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