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> Hmm, what I found extremly cheesy is how the box label claims "English
> instructions included!" yet all you find is a B&W reproduction of the
> assembly diagram with the Japanese text whited out, and the only "English"
> to be found was a one-page legend explaining what the icons/symbols mean.

 That's dumb that they did that.

> Is it too much to ask for English translation of the rest of the manual,
> such as the background info on the Gundams?
  No, it shouldn't be too much to ask. We are entited to English versions of
the Japanese maunal, since we will be getting Gundam Wing on US television.
The Exo Squad toys had background info on the robots, we deserve the same for

  Yep, that's very cheesy. in one of its stories, said all TRU's
will have the Wing kits in a month or two. I doubt it, but the ones you
describe could be test market only version. The Japanese text is literally
whited out!? That's gotta be very cheap looking.

  Bandai was supposed to test market them first, in certain areas only, this
fall, which it is now Fall. Unless there's a fully translated manual when I
am able to find them at my TRU, I agree about the US manuals being cheesy.
Hopefully, the US kits you are talking about are only for the test market and
hopefully will change for the final release. Either Bandai doesn't seem to
care too much about Gundam in America or more likely(more like, I hope so),
the manuals you describe, are a test market thing, only

  In order for Gundam to do well in the US, I would think that the manuals
need to be excatly like the Japanese ones, with the only difference being
English text instead of Japanese text. Whited out manuals will probably turn
off a lot of non US Gundam fans from buying more of the kits. In order for
Gundam to stand out in America, the kits should have English versions of the
Japanese manuals, to make the Gundam kits stand out from all the other
American model kits.


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